Welcome To Our New Site!


Preferred Pension Planning has upgraded our corporation’s website! We are excited to present to you our revamped branding!

We have been working diligently over the past few months to craft our new look, and we are proud to serve you with a more modern design. Our new custom site allows our clients to manage their plan easily and securely. Delivering a quality experience to our clients on our site is a priority for us, so we came up with a revised layout that is both easy to navigate and rather stylish, if we do say so ourselves!

You can find newly updated information on all of the types of defined benefit and defined contribution plans we design and administer for our clients. We now have a full News Page, where we will provide the latest news on PPPC happenings, pension information and plan changes, expert advice, and anything we think would benefit our clients. We are excited about this new feature because it helps us keep you well-informed. And we can’t forget about our new team photos!

You'll notice we have a new logo that looks like a sparkling diamond. We chose the diamond shape because it represents the best service you can get, and the sparkle lets you know that we'll take special care to make sure everything is done with some extra polish! We're redesigning our stationery, brochures, and business cards to include our new logo.

Let us know what you think about the changes we’ve made; we’re eager to hear your feedback! Please send an email to info@preferredpension.com, or contact your pension administrator with your comments. Thanks!