Preferred Pension Planning Corporation provides exceptional consulting services to help you with any and all issues regarding your retirement program. Our expertise and passion in this field will help you to resolve and remediate any other question or problems you may encounter.

We provide numerous services through our consulting branch at Preferred Pension Planning Corporation. Our most frequent service is investigation of the impact of a change in the plan’s contribution or benefit formula. We will bring your plan documents into compliance, as necessary, by preparing an amendment or restatement of the Plan and Trust, and an adopting resolution. If your accountants request, we can prepare reports about the plan for your company’s financial statements, in accordance with FASB generally accepted accounting principles. We also take steps to assist with plan mergers, consolidations, spinoffs, and terminations. We are available to manage plan audits conducted by the IRS or DOL. Other examples of consulting services we provide include calculations for nonqualified deferred compensation plans or other special retirement arrangements, projections, and correction of operational failures.