We have been administering pension plans since Preferred Pension Planning Corporation was founded in 1986. During that time, we have encountered thousands of different types of compliance issues. We have worked with plans that have come to us with minor correction issues, as well as some that have had issues in multiple areas that needed to be corrected. Our qualified staff is fully prepared to remedy any problems we find or start off your retirement plan on the right foot. We review your plan annually to be sure that it remains compliant with all government rules and regulations.

PPPC provides numerous services provide our clients with the information they need to keep their plan in compliance. Compliance testing includes top-heavy tests, coverage tests, and nondiscrimination tests (including both ADP/ACP tests and new comparability tests). Contribution deductibility calculations help determine the maximum tax-deductible contribution that can be made to the plan.

Preferred Pension Planning Corporation prepares plan documentation necessary to keep the plan in compliance. This includes not only the plan document itself, but also the Summary Plan Description, adopting resolutions, and any amendments to the plan or SPD.

Our services include preparation of required government form filings, such as IRS Form 5500 and related schedules; Summary Annual Report of Annual Funding Notice; and for defined benefit plans, the PBGC Comprehensive Premium Filing.

In the event that a client fails to follow the proper procedures for administering their plan, we will advise on the best way to remedy the situation. If necessary, we will prepare the proper submission to the IRS or DOL to bring the plan back into compliance.

Connecting our clients with the correct procedures and documentation to keep their plans in compliance with all pension laws and regulations is one of the most important services that Preferred Pension Planning Corporation provides.